Handouts and other materials can be printed using the printer in the seminar room.

Printer Installation with MFC-9320CW disc

Three installation discs for different operating systems are located on the top shelf of the first cupboard on the left in the seminar room. Insert the disc, and follow the on-screen instructions. Unfortunately there is no English installer disc. If Italian is chosen as the installer language, choose “Solo driver di stampa (per la rete)” and follow the instructions.

Online Printer Installation

  1. Click here to open the Brother printer driver webpage.
  2. Choose the correct operating systen and your preferred language and click “Search”
  3. Navigate to “Full Driver & Software” and click “Download & Information” under that heading
  4. A new page loads. Under the table heading “File” click “Download”
  5. A new page loads. Click “I Accept“, and wait for the file to download
  6. Run the installer. After decompressing the installation files, the installer automatically starts.Follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. When the installer requests the “Connection Type”, select “Wireless Network Connection” and click “Next”.
  8. Choose whether to change firewall settings. (The default value is sure to work)
  9. It will now search for the printer.
  10. Select the row with “MFC-9320CW” under “Model Name”. Leave the other settings intact, and click “Next”.
  11. Wait for the software to install. If errors occur, click “Ignore”.
  12. Anwer “Yes” to the question “Do you want to install this device software?”.
Last modified: June 27, 2013